“If you have a garden & a library you have everything you need” - Cicero

What is a library? In its simplest form, a library is simply a collection of books.  Whether you currently compile books in your home for your family or have yet to consider a library as a thing of importance, a home library has the potential to be more than space allotted to dusty shelves of literary decor.  What if we saw our home libraries as gardens?  Literary gardens, like the spaces that require our attention out-of-doors, hold potential seeds to be planted; seeds that when tended to, invested in and cultivated with care, grow ideas.  These ideas when ingested have the capability of nourishing and changing us and our families. But for a library to have that effect on us, we know it’s not just about the endless amount of books we collect and house on the shelves that grow anything, but the actual reading and interacting with specific books we’ve chosen to be our own.  Books carefully selected and filtered from the rest are just the beginning of cultivating a home library, a family reading culture is what stimulates ideas to thrive and warrants the need for a library in the first place. Visit my blog post Building A Family Home Library.

Girl Holding Plant


Booklists are can be found all over the place, in books, online, at your local library. But lists can become overwhelming when you don't know one author from the next. A good backbone of a Home Library that the whole family can enjoy, are the authors and titles of tried and true books. You'll want just the best names at your fingertips when your scouring the local charity shop, sidewalk sale or library free box, to quickly spot the treasures you are sure to want on your book shelves. Here is a beginners home library guide I put together to get you started. It's by no means extensive, but these you won't want to miss.