I'm Cristina. Wife, mom, creative at heart. I've filled journals over the years with poems, dreams, ideals, prayers that these days just seem to want to come out and see the light. Hence I am writing here and you're so gracious to stop in and read my words. I've become a reader of books in the last decade while sequestered in a tiny cottage. I'd like to think I gleaned a lot of lessons from my bookshelves during that time, but I've come to realize it was only the beginning. I hope, I fail, I try again. I catch a glimpse of grace and hold on for dear life because I am confident of the beautiful fact that the Creator of the Universe is good. So I keep growing and words on the page and moments of silent beauty have been my companions in the process. Sharing the journey with any kindred heart also on pilgrimage fills me up to the brim. I ramble here about books, the garden, our 100 year house, travel and how I am pointed back to hope in the small details of these endless days. Though I wish we could chat all about it over a cup of tea, I'd love to hear from you here! @cottage_bookshelves